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Natinal contact point

The Italian National Contact Point (NCP), established at the Ministry of Health, provides information to facilitate access to cross-border healthcare within the European Union.

For information, write to the NCP through the online form, you will receive a reply as soon as possible, and in any case within 30 working days. By submitting your data via email, you consent to the processing of your data as specified in the privacy notice.
If the request is particularly complex and requires further investigation, the NCP will promptly notify you any new deadline.

What are you entitled to if you are registered with the Italian National Health Service?

If you are registered with the Italian National Health Service (SSN) you are entitled to enquire with the Italian National Contact Point for the following issues:

  • authorisations (conditions and procedures)
  • reimbursable healthcare
  • terms, conditions, and procedures for reimbursement of costs
  • appeal procedures, administrative and judicial, to resolve disputes in case of refusal of authorisations and refunds
  • data to be included in medical prescriptions issued in other EU countries, so that they can be accepted in Italy and vice versa.

What are you entitled to if you are registered with the National Health Service of another Country?

If you are registered with another National Health Service from any other EU country, please refer to the National Contact Point of your own country for any concern regarding the issues mentioned above.

You may still refer to the Italian National Contact Point for information on the following issues

  • NHS quality and safety standards and guidelines
  • health care providers (health care professionals, hospitals, and other treatment centres) operating in Italy, also regarding their authorisation to provide services or any restrictions that may apply
  • accessibility to Italian hospitals for people with disabilities
  • rights of patients in Italy
  • complaint procedures and other protection mechanisms (appeals and complaints), as well as the legal and administrative possibilities available in Italy to resolve disputes, even in the event of damage arising from cross-border healthcare.

European Union National Contact Points

Corresponding information concerning the health systems of other EU countries can be obtained from the relevant National Contact points  directly or also through the Italian National Contact Point.

Obligations on information of health workers

Patients assisted by the Health System of any EU country may also obtain specific information concerning their healthcare directly from all the care providers (health care facilities or professionals, public or private, and affiliated) operating in the EU, particularly for:

  • treatment options (types of treatment available for a particular illness)
  • availability of care (e.g. waiting lists)
  • quality and safety of the health care they provide
  • detailed and clear tariffs and fees for health services
  • registration or authorisation to provide health services
  • insurance or other means of protection for professional liability in the event of damage.

The care providers (health care facilities or professionals, public or private, affiliated) are also required to issue detailed and clear invoices.

Italian and EU citizens registered with the Italian Health Service who intend to avail themselves of indirect healthcare are required to apply for prior authorisation limited to the services provided for by Ministerial Decree 50 of 16 April 2018.

For information on fees:

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Questions and answers

Contact the Italian NCP

  • please fill out the online form
  • or write to ncpitaly@sanita.it, by submitting your data via email, you consent to the processing of your data as specified in the privacy notice.

For information on Centres for the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases

  • Please refer to the website Malattierare.gov.it (Rare Diseases)
  • Call the free toll number 800 89 69 49  - Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Please write to tvmr@iss.it

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Natinal contact point

For information on the rates of reference for each Region and Autonomous Province, relating to the provision of hospital and outpatient specialist care (in implementation of Directive 2011/24/EU and with reference to art.8, paragraph 3, of Legislative Decree no.38 of 4 March 2014), please refer to:

Consult the National Health Service's (SSN) National Tariffs for services

For any further information, please contact the national contact point or the competent local health authority.

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