Premier Giuseppe Conte on Friday announced that his government was extending the stringent lockdown measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus until May 3. He said that relaxing the measures now would amount to undoing the results of the sacrifices made so far. Italy has been in a lockdown, which has seen the closure of all but essential businesses and activities and people obliged to stay at home as much as possible, for a month.

The measures have significantly slowed the spread of COVID-19. But there were still close to 4,000 new recorded cases of the virus reported on Friday. The coronavirus has claimed 18,849 lives so far in Italy.

The premier said there would be some minor changes to the lockdown, including the opening of stationary and book shops and stores selling clothes for children as of Tuesday.


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Data di pubblicazione: 11 aprile 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 11 aprile 2020