The COVID-19 epidemic has also had an impact on 'ordinary' health care provision.

According to a survey by the Higher Health Institute (ISS) and the Italian Federation of Rare Diseases (UNIAMO), access to rare-disease medicines is being guaranteed to most patients, although more than half reported problems in planning examinations and check-ups.

Between March 23 and April 5, 1.174 questionnaires were completed and collected.

The answers represent the needs of people affected by 321 individual pathologies and 156 multiple conditions. According to the analysis, 52% of participants have quit or suspended their planned therapies (46% of the suspensions were on the advice of doctors at specialist or general medicine centres or pediatricians).

Furthermore, for the period up to March 23, 54% reported problems continuing their planned therapy. One reassuring element is that, already at the end of March, home delivery of medicines was being guaranteed (for 80% of those who needed this).

Other needs highlighted by the survey regarded information (38) and psychological support (11%).

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Data di pubblicazione: 22 aprile 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 22 aprile 2020