The Italian interior ministry has published on its website the new form to self-certify that movements between different regions are being made while respecting the rules to combat coronavirus contagion as of May 18, 2020.

Police officers have copies of the form and it can be completed during an eventual spotcheck.

On the new form, the citizen declares that they have not been put into quarantine, they state the starting point of the journey and the destination and confirm that they are aware of the limitations in force as of May 18 throughout the nation and the rules being applied by the regions the trip involves.

Valid reason
It is then necessary to give one of the four reasons for the movement to be considered valid:

  • work demands
  • emergency
  • situations of necessity
  • health reasons



Source: Ansa 

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Data di pubblicazione: 19 maggio 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 19 maggio 2020