"I have signed a new ordinance ordering quarantine for citizens who in the last 14 days have stayed in Romania and Bulgaria. This measure is already in force for all extra-EU and extra-Schengen countries" said Health Minister Roberto Speranza, after meeting Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio for an in-depth update on the epidemiological picture at an international level.

"The virus," Speranza said, "is not beaten and continues to circulate. For this reason prudence and attention are still needed" From July 24 to 31, the health minister has therefore laid down that those persons intending to enter national territory who in the previous 14 days stayed in or travelled through Bulgaria or Romania must be subjected to health surveillance and isolation. This obligation does not apply to the crews of means of transport or cabin staff on means of transport.

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Data di pubblicazione: 27 luglio 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 27 luglio 2020