As announced by the Minister of Health, Mr. Speranza, the provisions contained in the ordinance of August 12, 2020 and in the ordinance of August 16, 2020 also remain in force until  October 7. However, the decree provides for the possibility for those who are abroad to enter Italy in order to visit a person (European citizen and long-term resident third-country national) with whom there is a proven and stable relationship, even if they are not living together.

The Dpcm adds attachments 21 and 22, relating to the management of Covid-19 cases in schools and universities.

Activities of all educational services and teaching activities in schools of all levels and degree shall resume the regular course of the school year, also on the basis of the Operational guidelines for SARS-COV-2 case and outbreak management, developed by the Italian Higher Institute of Health, which are attached to the Dpcm.

Teaching and curricular activities in Universities shall be carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of University and Research, set out in Annex 18, as well as on the basis of the Protocol for the management of confirmed and suspected covid-19 cases in university classrooms.

The decree also includes directions for public transport and dedicated school transport services.

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Data di pubblicazione: 10 settembre 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 10 settembre 2020