The control room/cabina di regia for the period  November 30 - December 6 highlights the following main aspects:

  • the incidence of Covid-19 diagnoses is only slightly decreasing at a national level; however, it is still high, and very far from levels that would allow the re-establishment of the containment phase, and above all with a strong variability between regions/PPAA. There is a slight decrease in hospitalisations in the medical area and in intensive care, but still with a strong impact on hospital services. This national outlook implies a diversified picture at regional and sub-regional level, where sometimes there are signs of instability, if not further growth in the number of cases. 
  • the high incidence and current high impact on health services require waiting for a significant reduction before considering a reduction of mitigation measures, including mobility measures, as well as the need to maintain a high level of behavioural alertness. 
  • the epidemiological situation of the epidemic remains serious and it is recommended that, based on the impact on health and territorial services, a modulation of mitigation measures in the Regions/PAs should avoid relaxing the current measures and lowering the level of attention of the population, as this could lead to a rapid reversal of the documented trend, with a resumption of the infection in a context of still very high incidence, which would have very serious consequences for the country.

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Data di pubblicazione: 17 dicembre 2020, ultimo aggiornamento 17 dicembre 2020