The control room/cabina di regia for the period December 21 - 27 shows a reversal of trend in the transmission rate reported in the previous two weeks, throughout the country. This comes in a European context characterised by a new increase in the number of cases in many European countries, and the development of reported virus variants with a potential for increased transmission.

The epidemic in Italy is still serious, due to a high impact on health care services. Three regions/PPAAs (Veneto, Liguria, Calabria) show a punctual Rt point higher than 1, even in the lower value, which is therefore compatible with a type 2 scenario; another three regions (Basilicata, Lombardy, and Apulia) exceed it in the average value, and another three regions come close to it (Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and Marche). This occurrence, together with the high incidence that is still recorded in almost the entire Italian territory, is of particular concern, showing the urge to consider applying the relevant measures envisaged for the attributed risk levels, even beyond the current deadlines, as described in the document 'Prevention and response to Covid-19: evolution of the strategy and planning in the transition phase for the autumn-winter period' transmitted by the Commission through the Memo by the Ministry of Health of 12/10/2020 Prot. 32732.

Overall, the incidence in Italy remains extremely high and the impact of the epidemic is still persistent in most of the country. It is still far from levels (50 cases per 100,000 in seven days) that would allow the complete restoration of case identification and contact tracing throughout the country. This situation confirms the need to maintain over time the strict line of mitigation measures adopted over the Christmas period.


Control Room/Cabina di regia


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Data di pubblicazione: 7 gennaio 2021, ultimo aggiornamento 7 gennaio 2021