There is a further acceleration in the increase of the incidence at national level (195 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the week of 22-28 February 2021). The national incidence is thus rapidly approaching the threshold of 250 cases/week per 100,000 inhabitants, which calls for the highest possible level of mitigation. This threshold was exceeded this week in five Regions/PPAAs.

A deterioration in the overall risk level is confirmed for the fifth consecutive week. The number of Regions/PAAs classified as high risk (6) according to the Ministerial Decree 30/4/2020 is increasing. As many as 9 Regions/PPAAs, classified as moderate risk, are highly likely to progress to high risk in the coming weeks. Only one Region is at low risk.

In the light of the sustained increase in the prevalence of some viral variants with greater transmissibility, we reiterate the need to maintain a drastic reduction in physical interactions between people and in mobility. Similarly, to what happens in other European countries, it is necessary to reinforce/increase measures throughout the country in order to rapidly achieve mitigation of the phenomenon. In the presence of variants that may partially reduce the efficacy of currently available vaccines, the Regions/PPAA are invited to adopt, regardless of incidence values, the maximum level of mitigation for containment purposes.


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Data di pubblicazione: 12 marzo 2021, ultimo aggiornamento 12 marzo 2021