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The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has signed the order extending the provisions for arrivals from foreign countries to 31 May.
The change concerns the Passenger Locator Form, which from 1 May will no longer be necessary. The document had been introduced in the summer of 2021 to regulate departures and contained all of the information needed to locate the traveller in the event of any Covid infection during travel.

The Minister, moreover, after the approval by the competent committee of the Chamber of Deputies of the decree "end state of emergency", signed a second order, which incorporates the text of the amendment on the use of masks indoors, as approved by the committee.

The requirement to use FFp2 masks remains for:

  • aircraft used for commercial passenger transport services
  • ships and ferries used for interregional transport services
  • trains used in interregional, Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed passenger rail transport services
  • buses used for passenger transport services, with undifferentiated offer, carried out on the road in a continuous or periodic manner on a route connecting more than two regions and having routes, schedules, frequencies and prices predetermined
  • buses used for rental services with driver
  • vehicles used in local or regional public transport services
  • means of school transport dedicated to primary school, lower secondary school and secondary school students
  • performances open to the public that take place indoors in theatres, concert halls, film theatres, live music and entertainment venues and other assimilated venues, and sporting events and competitions that take place indoors.

Wearing respiratory protective equipment is also mandatory for workers, users and visitors in health, social and health care facilities, including hospitality and long-term care facilities, assisted living facilities (RSA), hospices, rehabilitation facilities, residential facilities for the elderly, including those who are not self-sufficient.

It is also recommended that respiratory protective equipment be worn in all indoor public places or places open to the public. 

The provisions are in force from 1 May 2022 until the date of entry into force of the Law converting Decree Law no. 24 of March 24, 2022 and, in any case, no later than 15 June 2022.

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Data di pubblicazione: 2 maggio 2022, ultimo aggiornamento 2 maggio 2022